Rental Policies

The Genesis facility is intended to serve the needs of each congregation. In addition, Genesis recognizes its responsibility to serve the broader Ann Arbor community by making space available for non-congregational activities.  All users of our facility are expected to recognize the special nature of the Genesis arrangement and to use the premises gently.

  1. BulletCongregational use of the Genesis facilities shall take precedence over any other use. Congregant events may be scheduled up to 18 months prior to the event. Non-congregant events may be scheduled up to one year prior to the event.

  2. BulletA tone appropriate to the functions of the temple and church should be maintained.

  3. BulletThe entire building is smoke-free.

  4. BulletAlcoholic beverages are allowed at any private event. No resale of alcohol is permitted. No alcohol may be distributed to any person under 21 years of age. Alcohol may be served only by the caterer’s staff or by a licensed bartender. Private events serving alcohol must obtain event liability insurance that indemnifies Genesis against alcohol-related accident claims.  Proof of this insurance must be provided to the Genesis Facility Coordinator prior to the event. Each congregation has its’ own alcohol policy concerning congregational events.

  5. BulletFood service is allowed in the Social Hall, the lower level Social Hall, the Adult Lounge, the outer courtyard and the reception area outside the Adult Lounge only. No food is allowed in the sanctuary, chapels, narthex or classrooms.

  6. BulletFees for non-profit organizations are negotiated on an individual basis.

  7. BulletA Genesis staff member will be in attendance for the entire event.  Genesis staff is responsible for room set-up prior to the event, clean up following the event, and monitoring during the event.

All parties renting are also be required to follow the Facility Use Guidelines.